"Twice I turned my back on you."
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the ship that sailed away with my heart.

Sometimes all you can do is try. Here are my hands, here I am sharpening my fingers into claws, here I am scratching at the wall. Beating my head against the bricks. I’ve forgotten how to do it, how to make myself transparent. To be ghostly, to float through ceilings and floors. I don’t know how to escape the weight of my body anymore. Here are my organs hanging inside this closet of flesh, here I am feeling slaughtered. Raw and much too human.

Anita O. // Déjà Vu

klaus & caroline in 4x17

Too much blue can create feelings of melancholy, negativity, sadness, self-righteousness, and self-centeredness. Too little blue brings about qualities of suspicion, depression, stubbornness, timidity, and unreliability.

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Dear Diary, today will be different, it has to be. I will smile and it will be believable. The smile will say “I’m fine, thank you. Yes, I feel much better.” I will no longer be the sad little girl who lost her parents. I will start fresh; be someone new. It’s the only way to get through.

#i love that big breath she takes and the way she literally arranges the features of her face #it’s like watching her don a mask #tucking away all that heartbreak #sometimes i don’t know if she’s gotten better or worse at it

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He was too far gone. I put him out of his misery. 

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“Are you single?”

“No, I would not say that, that’s not the case.”

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Oh my god, is tomorrow really Thursday? I’m not done obsessing over 4x16 yet!

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Yeah after Stefan just tried to kill her on Wickery Bridge, right? Yeah no, it’s fine, I’m okay with that.

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